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Metabolic Conditioning Exercise – Body weight Circuit Routine – jj

Metabolic Conditioning Exercise – Body weight Circuit Routine


Vince DelMonte & Lee Hayward working out while on vacation in Las Vegas with a fast and intense Metabolic Conditioning bodyweight circuit workout routine. This is an awesome way to get a killer muscle building and cardio workout with a simple 20 minute routine. We did a full body circuit of pull ups, dips, box jumps / step ups, and leg raises.

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  1. @amazingbrown any gadget or equipment with the word "ab" or "abs" in it is usually not worth it. First of all, to get visible abs, you need to reduce body fat, second: if what you want is stronger abs, just do crunches and and big compound movements that will force you to stabilize your whole body. Squat!

  2. Pull-ups/chin-ups are always tough and effective. I suggest demonstrating full-rotation abdominal exercise from the pull-up/chin-up bar (feet to the bar). 10 of those and you'll be wishing you were done on your first set. Those are a truly effective core strengthening exercise.

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