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Extra from BigCat about Swift Transportation – jj

Extra from BigCat about Swift Transportation

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  1. Do's and don'ts for working or Swift or any trucking company. Don't take per diem. Get used to getting treated poorly by dispatch away from your home terminal. Do take rail loads if your waiting on a load at a terminal, the dispatch there will usually give you a favorable load on the way out. Don't listen to the Qualcomm messages telling you to move a truck if it has a flat or other mechanical issue. It's your license on the line not the person sitting in an office somewhere trying to avoid a mobile tire or mechanic bill to the company. Do expect to get messed with at the DOT scales because of the company you work for, have all your papers in order.

  2. I drove for over 20yrs and from day 1  Swift was always ragged on by other drivers.
    I do not judge a person by the name on the side of their truck, but by their actions. Swift has a lot of idiots because they have so many drivers.
    You do not have to work at Swift to get into trucking. Or any other training outfit. There are truck owners who will train you. The schools and training outfits get you into debt so you have to. I started at a ltl company as a dock worker then drove a strait truck. Then they trained me to drive a city truck. KLLM had me go out with a trainer 4 a week and put me solo. In 2 yrs I bought own truck then another I left trucking in 08 because it was just not willing to be away from home anymore.
    The more you put into a job search the better the results in most cases.

  3. Hi Big Cat i am new to truck industry anfrom you is the jobs secure after the school and i want some advise from you and is the job secure after school and how long is the contract with them and its easy to pass it thanks Bro 🙂

  4. Swift has it's issues just like every other company in the country. If you can't comply with rules and regulations, have problems with authority, hate being told what to do and how to do it, you've got a boatload of trouble, no matter where you work or what you do.

    90 percent of the drivers who go out and buy their own truck and try to run on thier own authority will fail within the first year. That's the plain, hard fact. That failure will probably land you in bankruptcy court.

    I've only wor

  5. Hey my brother BIG CAT, I have 10+ years turning a wheel to include broken elbows. A true trucker knows what dat mean, you dig my man. No need to beat on me about being negative about the trucking. Chill and and when you get to El Paso lets hook up and have some beers in Juarez and get laid. Chill man its all good..

  6. Left American Eagle to go over to SWIFT. SWIFT Albuquerque. A.E., is really bad. FFE orientation in Dallas, Texas. They use the Paretto 80/20. This means they throw 80% of newbie driver inexperience at the problem of moving the majority of their dog shit freight that an experienced driver will not accept. The 20% are all trainers and they do not coach the newbie in an efficient and SAFE advisable professional career driver role. Get your miles and experience and drive a taxi cab in Chicago, IL.

  7. bull, you can not legally drive 4500 miles in a week for one, two swift is the worst company, they fuck you over as much as they can. i have been with them now for just over 7 months now. not seen a penny of layover,detention, personally paid scales, tolls or anything else. the only reason i'm still here is determination to get a year with one company. because i've been out of driving for a while. STAY AWAY FROM SWIFT.

  8. Swift is the worst company, ive been driving for 9 years. I hve my own company with 6 trucks. This dude is retarded. Youll be lucky to make $500 a week with them . This guy is a company man, aint never seen a check so big, getting fucked all day long .

  9. @spacefrog555 You do it all. Pick and drop, driver unloads, hiring lumpers. Swift will haul anything for anybody so be prepared. Hauled bails of hay out of Utah going to Bakersfield,Ca. in a 53' van. Watch out for the Dollar Tree loads…lot of fun. Anybody that believes this horseshit artist, company patsy Big Cat deserves to work for Swift. Soooo long suckers

  10. that Brisk tea has about 30plus grams of sugar….for 10 years i averaged about 800 mile a week..home everynite…paid after 1 hr break down and delay..$20 per hr…triple pay for holidays my last Good Friday i made $700…Union car hauling…60k a year no sat or sun…add up all that time that ur spending in that truck and not getting paid…yes including sleep time..It averages out to less than a McDonalds worker…

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