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Narendra Modi Varanasi | PM Modi launches BJP Nationwide Membership, slams funds 2019-20 critics, Peshawar Nirashavadi | As an alternative of giving skilled pessimistic options to disaster: Modi on the economic system of $ 5 trillion – jj

Narendra Modi Varanasi | PM Modi launches BJP Nationwide Membership, slams funds 2019-20 critics, Peshawar Nirashavadi | As an alternative of giving skilled pessimistic options to disaster: Modi on the economic system of $ 5 trillion


  • Planting in Varanasi and introducing membership campaign in BJP
  • Modi said – the bigger the economy, the same will increase the income of the people and the lifestyle will change.
  • 'Poverty in the country has remained virtue, the story of Satyanarayan started with the poor Brahmin, now we are looking at the farmers as an exporter'

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 06, 2019, 03:57 PM IST

Varanasi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi on Saturday. Here he participated in the BJP membership program. The prime minister insisted on making India a $ 5 trillion economy- be cautious with professional pessimists. They can put the crisis in solution.

Earlier, Modi unveiled the bronze statue of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri at the airport. After this, he started Planting Campaign in Harihua village. Under this 27 lakh plants will be planted. This is his second Banaras tour after taking over as the Prime Minister again.

'The campaign of plantation begins under Yogi's leadership'

Modi said – It is a coincidence that the BJP's program is going to be immortalized in our Kashi character. That is, a triveni is made. Congratulations to Kashi and the people of the country for the successful campaign. I got an opportunity to unveil the statue of late Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji at the airport. After that, a huge campaign of plantation started under the leadership of Yogiji.

'No doubt about the 5 trillion dollar economy'

The Prime Minister said – I want to talk to you and every countryman on a very big goal. This goal is not just for the government. This goal is of every Indian. Yesterday you will have seen in the budget and after that in the discussions on television and heard a thing in the newspapers today. A word around is echoing. That's 5 trillion dollars in economy After all what it means. It is also important to know for yourself and to go from house to house. There are some people who are doubting the potential of Indians. They are saying that it is very difficult for the Indians to achieve this goal. When the comrades listen to this, there are some different expressions in Kashi's son's heart.

"I want to say that the one who is in front of the difficulties. From that, there is a tower of my passion. Seeing the challenges, what is the problem, the hidden potential in these are huge. The yagna of development is the excitement of labor. This is the unique makeup of Mother Bharti. The poor Hindus are the arms of the new Hind. This is the calling of changing India. The country has gone ahead and expanded even now New India is desperate to run. Running is the only concern of New India. "

'The larger the cake, the more people will get'

Modi said – 5 trillion dollars of economy means 5 trillion dollars The size of our economy is almost double today. I am not an economist myself. I do not even know about it But the goal of which I am talking to you will increase your enthusiasm. This is the path to liberation from troubles. There is a saying in English that Size of the Cake Matters That is, the larger the cake, the more people will get. That's why we have set a target of making the Indian economy 5 trillion dollars. The bigger the economy, the higher the income of the people and the lifestyle changes.

"If you look at another country, you will know that there was not even much per capita income there. But there was a time when in these countries, the per capita increased. This was the time when the country came from developing to category of developed countries. India can not wait longer longer When India is the youngest country then this goal is not too difficult. When a person earns per capita income in a country, he increases the purchasing power. When capacity increases, demand increases. This leads to increased service and employment opportunities. "

'Vision of 10 Years in Budget'

Modi said – poverty has become a virtual reality in our mind. We used to listen to the story of Satyanarayan in childhood, it started with a poor Brahmin. That was the beginning of poverty. In the budget presented yesterday, the government did not say that it was given so much. How can India achieve the goal of $ 5 trillion dollars? We showed this and told that we have come to the ground with the coming 10 years of Vision. It's a hiatus. It's five years. Today, the country is self-sufficient in food and the country's farmers continue to work hard after this. Now we are looking at the farmers as an Exporter from the producer. We have the export capability. Investment has been increased from food processing to marketing.

'Be cautious with professional pessimists'

Prime Minister Modi said- Some people say why this is being done, why is it being done? Such people are professional pessimists, ie professional pessimists. For example, when you take a problem with them, they will put you in trouble instead of the solution. How to change the solution in crisis, it is a pessimistic identification. Filling positivity for the goal of $ 5 trillion is also the responsibility of the people. In the event of severe serious illness, the doctor also enhances the patient's excitement. Because if the patient is filled with excitement then he can defeat the disease. The country needs to be cautious with the pessimistic people. We can discuss that what Modi is saying is right or not and should be given new suggestions while discussing. But the goal of 5 trillion should not be. There should not be such a big goal. This should be avoided. The opinions of the country's scholars are important to us.

Modi came last May 27

After the Lok Sabha elections, Modi will have his second visit to Varanasi in his parliamentary constituency. Earlier, on 27th May he had come to thank the city's voters for making them victorious by the overwhelming majority. In view of Saturday's program, paintings related to environment on the walls of Harahua Primary School have been made.

During the first tenure of 19, Kashi visited

Modi came to Varanasi 19 times during his first tenure. During this time, he participated in many programs and also visited the Kashi Vishwanath temple several times.

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