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One UI 2.Zero on Android Q coming quickly, S11 to function v2.1 in 2020 – jj

One UI 2.Zero on Android Q coming quickly, S11 to function v2.1 in 2020


Samsung looks to be improving their update game with One UI 2.0 based on Android Q already slated for release on existing devices and the imminent Note 10 later this year.

When Samsung first announced their revamped Android Pie-based ‘One UI‘ back in late 2018 it was received as a huge improvement over the much-maligned ‘Samsung Experience‘ skins of yesteryear, and it was an added surprise when it arrived for the Galaxy S9 only a few months after Android Pie‘s release rather than the usual ages of previous Samsung updates.

Since that release, and particularly with One UI’s true public debut on the S10 family, One UI has managed to become a boon of Samsung’s range rather than a detractor and thus rise to the top of many people’s favourite skins lists – an achievement most never expected of Samsung.

And now we’re seeing evidence that Samsung is already well into working on an Android Q-based One UI 2.0 update for their mobile suite of devices, with confirmed support for Google‘s ‘Digital Wellbeing‘ health services and undoubted support for most other of Android Q’s features of course combined with whatever One UI-specific improvements Samsung will develop.

No other details like the release date of Samsung’s One UI update are yet known, however it has also been claimed that One UI will receive a version 2.1 update when the Galaxy S11 series launches next April, just like v1.1 which released with the S10’s.

Hopefully we will see a speedy delivery of One UI 2.0, before the year’s end, and I actually would not be surprised if we did given Samsung managed to launch the entirety of the original One UI redesign last December.

The leaked Galaxy Note 10

We may hear more on August 7th at the Galaxy Note 10‘s launch – stay tuned to Talk Android to find out!

Source: SamMobile

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