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Pension initially arrange ‘for the very poor’ – jj

Pension initially arrange ‘for the very poor’

The Australian’s Economic Editor Adam Creighton says there’s a current ‘belief that the age pension is an entitlement’.



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  1. It's because the super held in cash can be "used" to reduce government debt by eroding it's value through artificially lowering interest rates. It's a really odd, sneaky way of secretly taxing people but that's something I think they are doing. And why they want to increase people's super contributions.

  2. Look after the young and they might be more inclined to look after the old. But at the moment the young are being completely crushed under having to pay huge prices for houses, paying for current pensioners whilst saving for their own retirement at the same time as mass migration competes for jobs and houses. The older aussies have completely abandoned the young. Fortunately the old aussie are lucky because the young ones are some of the dumbest people who ever lived and dont know how to fight for their own interests.

  3. Politicians get non means tested fully indexed pensions 8 times higher than aged pension, gauranteed. I lost half my superanuation in the 2008 GFC and never recovered fom Rudd and Gillard, positively discriminating in favour of Aboriginals.

  4. 3 questions:
    1. Do you have the right to initiate force to make someone give you something against their consent?
    2. Do you have the right to initiate force to make fellow citizens give you their wealth to fund your retirement against their consent?
    3. Do you have the right to demand the government initiate force against fellow citizens to make them give their wealth to the state against their consent and then demand that wealth be transferred to retirees?

    The ethical answer is no is all three cases. Yet almost everyone is advocating the forceful theft of others nonetheless.

    Ponzi Scheme-
    a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

  5. Still out for a money grab. People who work here their entire lives should be entitled to an aged pension when they retire. If nothing else, as a moden society we should be looking after those who have given their best years to keeping the country working.
    Looking at living 25 years after retirement, Land rates alone are a massive chunk of super. I couldnt imagine if an older Aussie is renting. Look after the weak in our society. Why does every government want to leech more and more on the people to suppress what. Aged people aren't a threat. Look after them.

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