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Pharrell’s highly effective phrases to Harry and Meghan – jj

Pharrell’s highly effective phrases to Harry and Meghan

From @peoplesprincess2.0 on Instagram. https://instagram.com/peoplesprincess2.0?igshid=xj479gms47x6 ・・・ Pharrell says their love is significant for the …



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  1. The world feels this way only jealous white women and nasty infatuated piers Morgan ( who I think should be put on a stalkers list) believe negative things about this well educated black girl of Kate who suffers from belimia was as educated as Meghan they would have a good ole Time but with Meghan it's all the former actress or divorced lady or classless it's all racism

  2. Pharrell, that was a master class advice for Harry and Meghan. So glad l am alive to witness such an inspirational, warm brotherly advice, spoken from the heart with love and care so openly. The Lord knows that the D&DOS need cheer leaders and all the praying hands they can get. I was wondering why very few strong and confident men have spoken up against the obvious bullying of Duchess Meghan that is seen worldwide.

    Little did l know that you were waiting for the right time to deliver it in person. Such a heart warming advice that not only Harry and Meghan will remember throughout their married life, but those who love and care about their wellbeing. Thank you Pharrell, thank you Sir Elton. We know you gave Duchess Meghan an up lifting advice even though it was between both of you. JZ that was also a good advice. To all of you who were able to voice their thoughts and advice in support and encouragement of the D&DOS their fans are thankful. For us, this day is forever etched in our memory.

  3. I saw on radar on line that prince Harry was ready to pop from what being happy with the Duchess of Sussex didn't click on just wondering lol. What is with these people social media magazines piers Morgan and the UK media these people are very special

  4. Ok wow, I am so proud of Pharell for his kind and uplifting words but also because he said what I couldn't tell them myself. I love that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex show their love so openly that it makes others around them feel that love too and they are wonderful people with wonderful hearts and I especially love that they weren't all hands-off with the supporters and actually showed in how they greeted them that they appreciate their supporters and this why they will forever by my favorite royal couple ever.

  5. Hold it Pharrell.? So proud of Pharrell for saying those beautiful, encouraging, and meaningful words to H&M…FYI, I would have wept openly and thanked Pharrell.

    It is unfortunate that H&M cannot address the media vultures and the haters when both are saying atrocious things about Meghan and how she's not a good wife mate for Harry. At some point, this vicious mess must filter down to H&M. Yes, when they go low, H&M you go high… H&M, keep holding hands, keep up the PDA, and let them know that your love and marriage is stronger.

  6. SSP this is Christmas in July so many podcasts and i am here for it your team makes me so informed and very happy. Meanwhile in my neck of the woods the bridezilla called me three times already, I threatened to take the orange dress go my game room and throw darts at it. I did see pharell talking to them and I did wonder and I am very pleased with what was said.

  7. Thank you Pharrell for speaking what so many around the world are thinking but are unable to say personally to Harry and Meghan. Harry spoke last week about how his mom had a positive impact on people all over the world. It is important that both Harry and Meghan hear that they also have an amazing positive impact on people all over the world. Whether it’s their relationship or each of them individually, they are a positive impact on the world and they need to know that they are appreciated for simply being their genuine loving selves. Thank You Pharrell.

  8. Based on a Sussex fan’s video shared to Twitter taken just moments before this video it seems The DDOS heard a lot of what they needed to hear. And they realize how supported they truly are..not by the media or all Brits but by so many of us. @gavinixir ‘s Twitter video shows that Duchess Meghan needed to be reminded how much her, Harry & Archie are loved by so many. Gavin used the brief & possibly once in a lifetime moment he had with Meghan to tell her that many of us have made new friends bc of her, that we’re inspired by her grace under pressure & we don’t listen to the negative press at all—she teared up!? It needed to be said & she needed to hear it. Bc even someone as intelligent & eternally positive as Meghan eventually finds it to much that the British media reports awful lies & stories about her. They even find washed up tennis players to lie & claim on national tv that “The Duchess wouldn’t allow photos” & was being “stuck up & rude” at Wimbledon.?
    Personally I’ll be writing a letter of support to The DDOS as I believe that not being able to speak out is getting to them—esp Meghan. I want them both to know that there are many ppl who have their back & only want the best for their beautiful family!

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