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Causes To Not Set up Apple iOS 13 Beta – jj

Causes To Not Set up Apple iOS 13 Beta


The new iOS 13 is going to be Apple’s latest update for its iPhones soon. Even though its beta is already available, iPhone users are discouraged to try it out due to bugs and overall instability. Some app makers tied to the company have given fans reasons to not install the iOS 13 beta.

The Apple iOS 13 beta is available for users of eligible iPhones. Starting from the iPhone 6s, owners can try out the new services and features offered by the upcoming software through the new beta. While the new features are nifty, some of them are actually buggy.

One of the new features of the iOS 13 is silencing unknown callers. This feature is going to allow iPhones to ignore calls coming from unknown numbers, making it convenient for blocking out strangers. However, a bug in the iOS 13 beta blocks anybody that doesn’t have their number registered in the phone’s contacts. At best, this silence unknown caller feature is unstable and it also works regardless if set on or disabled.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user confirmed that the iOS 13 beta worsened the device’s battery life. It’s apparently “10x” worse according to Twitter user Kyle Harris. Devices loaded with the beta would only run up to two hours even when they are left alone or not in use.

The iOS 13 beta also has a problem with uploading files to the iCloud. The Ulysses writing app developers confirmed that the new Apple OS beta on all of their devices are unfit for the app. The developers said that they couldn’t provide a beta Ulysses app for the new iOS 13 at the moment. The new iOS 13 and the app are currently incompatible. Uploads to the iCloud could sometimes be lost or be taken from the cloud server.

Lastly, some apps have asked their users to opt out of the beta for stability purposes. Epic Games has reached out through the official “Fortnite” Twitter to tell users to not download the iOS 13 beta. Doing so will allow them to keep playing the iOS version of “Fortnite” without problems.

iPhone XR store wipe Pictured: An employee cleans an iPhone Apple XR during the press visit of the new Apple Store Champs-Elysees on November 15, 2018 in Paris, France. Photo: Getty Images/Chesnot

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