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Southern Constancy Insurance coverage now providing merchandise in Mississippi – jj

Southern Constancy Insurance coverage now providing merchandise in Mississippi


Southern Fidelity Insurance now offering products in Mississippi

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company has expanded its business into Mississippi, offering its HO-3 homeowners’ policy to residents of the state.

The policy aims to safeguard a home’s structure and a consumer’s personal belongings. In addition, the policy will cover for any liability consumers may have for injuries other individuals sustain while on the property.

“We are excited to bring our line of competitive products and services to Mississippi,” said Southern Fidelity president and CEO Jimmy Graganella. “Our mission is to provide policyholders with financial security in knowing that their home or property is well-protected. Consumers can expect comprehensive coverages and local agent expertise.”

Graganella added that his company prides itself on being different in the insurance industry, making special mention of Southern Fidelity’s customer service representatives. By forgoing outsourced sales reps and maintaining an in-house team, the company hopes to remain as accessible as possible to its policyholders. He also mentions his team’s exceptional claims service.

The executive also put out a call for independent insurance agents in Mississippi.

“We are fortunate to work with many outstanding independent agents throughout the Southeast,” said Graganella. “We are now looking to grow our network with local agents who have a deep knowledge of the market and are seeking long-lasting professional relationships with both Southern Fidelity and our policyholders.”


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