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The Artwork of Laying Brick – jj

The Artwork of Laying Brick

Buy Physical DVD’s at http://learntolaybrick.bigcartel.com This is a clip from our series of brick laying videos. Check our website for more information about …



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  1. True Artisan, Passion and Love for his trade. Brickwork is a a dying trade, there are do few skilled Bricklayers in Ireland not the not only can do the job but take pride in it. Everywhere I look now its cheap brick cladding. A trade tats under threat from cheaper quicker alternative building products and practices.

  2. Today is the year 2019 and Trump goes for 2020. I want to learn from old school how to lay brick so I can build the Wall for Trump Thank you, teacher, you are the best all time around.+1

  3. Every single day Christians and Muslims understand the words spoken in scriptures. Their hatred grows when they understand it was never them. It's hilarious!!????????

    Keep on watching. I am gonna make them how down. ROFLMAO they already did. But still I want to punish them. ROFLMAO ?????

  4. Just finished this video. Also watched another one on neural surgery. You just slowly saw open the skull, and use snips to cut out tumors and stuff. Suture the cut, and careful not to make a mess. Pretty straight forward.

  5. I do not now how I got here.
    But…now I know how to lay bricks.
    I also now from some other videos how to restore an old tractor engine and building roades.

    Na not really, but this is quite intresting. There's something about seeing some good workmanship, no matter what profession it is

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