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There are employment alternatives within the UK, Australia and New Zealand – jj

There are employment alternatives within the UK, Australia and New Zealand




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  1. Hi Scott…. All sounds great Will be sad losing more of our own but unfortunately it happens daily… Though personally will not advice the UK as the establishment is also starting to crumble and the man in the street/working class are invisible…. Sadly?

  2. Come to Australia, specifically Western Australia. We have a conservative federal government that is very open to SA immigration, & why wouldn't they be ? You'll be well looked after, sought after in employment terms, taxed heavily, but enjoy a high standard of living.

    The Far Left have post 2016 undergone massive systematic defeats as the middle classes have been exponentially waking up to them.

    Britain has massive problems, you'd be jumping out of the fire into the frypan.
    Ditto NZ, although the problems aren't yet quite so visible, they have a Far Left Govt & are deteriorating rapidly.

  3. Cultures being torn apart by a tyranny of the masses "democracy;" exactly what the international community, in its infinite wisdom, sang and danced for via the vilification of "racist" whites, and sanctions against the vulnerable minority! A country listed by WorldData.Info as having an average IQ of 70!

  4. What about white people who cant get jobs who have no degrees in SA.. They suffer most.. Its all good and well that other countries want to harvest what they can such as russia , 15000 farmers..Its not difficult for people with skills to leave SA..its the ones who dont have skills who you should be worried about.

  5. If you have hospitality experience Cheffing or restaurant manager or barrista there are heaps of job offers and many will offer sponsorship. Get onto google and start applying for jobs in Australia. Knock on a million doors and one will eventually open. You have to do the work, set aside an hour a day applying for work in Oz and believe it will happen. Good luck and look forward to seeing many south africans in Australia ??.

  6. I've been thinking of this for a while and there are ways in which I can help skilled South Africans into New Zealand.

    Obviously not complete destitutes. If you're broke then I'm not about to risk my family for you, but if you can pay your way then there are ways to get in here even if you can't get a job offer or afford a 500k investment.

    I'm happy to take the time to figure this out with you. Even if we only get a handful of families to safety it will be worth it.

  7. @Loving Life. Is it possible and are you maybe interested in giving some kind of analysis on Australia's political, economical and demographics status and maybe your opinion/ speculation on a projection of these factors and how it might/ might not change in the lets say next 50-80 years? I know there's a lot of stats and info on the internet regarding demographics, economy and politics but I think getting some first hand opinions are good/ relevant as well. Thanks Scott.

  8. An African from South Africa dentist examined my teeth here in Australia and commented on the amazing good and healthy state they were in! He couldn't see that most of them were crowns! He also told me that he was very unhappy here in Australia and wanted to go back to South Africa.

  9. Go back to your country of origin at the best option. For example netherlands if your ancestors came from there which is the case for a lot of boers. Ga back to your roots and help to strengthen white european countries and tell them of your negative experience with multiculturalism. Maybe you can even turn some naive liberals around. All good for our people.

  10. Most countries want a job offer to secure a visa, and employers want a visa before giving a job offer. Essential skills lists are very selective amd even then most places need the employer to prove that they could not employ locally. Investment visas require al least R5m or more. Not easy for most

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