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These three issues could make you a great individual. – jj

These three issues could make you a great individual.


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There is no such person in the world who is just good or just evil. But it is the human nature that it is less good and evil is seen. Perhaps that is why remembering his bad behavior more than someone's good behavior.

All the research also says that the downside of the person creates creative thinking in the person. But do not forget even cheating anyone with such thinking. New research proves that there are many good things in every person culturally.

Psychologists researching many aspects of personality say that every person is basically good. Research was done two decades ago that no one would think of anything before deceiving anyone or doing any bad thing.

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Three sides of a good person

After that, the theory of Dark Triad was given. That is, these qualities, which make people think of hurting anyone. Or just think of your good.

Three names given for them Narcissism, Psychopath and MacAvalogianism. Scott Berry Kaufmann, a psychologist from the University of Columbia, USA, tried to figure out how such people can achieve success in their work or how to cope with relationships? They have done long research for this.

After some time, Professor Berry felt that along with negativity, research should also be done on the person's positive triad. So with three of his colleagues, he researched on three positive aspects of human personality.

The first aspect is humanism, what is the relation between a person with another person? The second aspect is the catenanism. These words are based on the name of the German philosopher Emanuel Kant, who is called the theoretician of this theory. The third aspect is belief in humanity. It is believed that every person is basically good.

William Felison, a psychologist from Wake Forest University of America, says that these three aspects of personality fit in the case of improving the human. According to them, when a person thinks that other people are good, then the fear of protecting themselves from danger is reduced. The sense of giving others punishment for their wrong actions decreases.

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Research shows that neither any person holds a complete Dark Triad in his own hands nor keeps a light trayad. If you want to know about yourself which level of trial you are in? So you can find out through a test on Kaufmann's website.

The Dark Triad aspect of the person is not as bad as it is supposed to be. Rather, such people have a lot of potential to handle leadership and they are vocal and brave. So the researcher says that it is better to hide this aspect than to get the most of it.

At the same time, if someone has a lot of light trayed aspect, then it does not mean that their life is much better and easier. People of this aspect have special significance that they try to keep everyone happy. But this is not possible.

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There will be many people who will not agree with you. In such a situation it is necessary to maintain your authenticity. There is also a lack of people with a light trayed aspect that they very soon consider themselves to be equally responsible. And embarrassment also gets swift.

Psychologist Taya Cohen says that it is not a bad thing to be embarrassed on the wrong actions done by her. Rather, it inspires people to be careful in the future. But it is not good to be confused with self-enlightenment by treating small things in itself as wrong.

Research proves that our character becomes a lifetime and keeps changing. Basically our person is the result of our habits. According to our habits, our mind is formed. But according to the kind of people we start to associate with, the goodies and the evils begin to grow in us.

But there are no two opinions that despite all the evils, there is no good or good in every human being.

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