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Bother within the madarsas in villages, worry of holding beef – jj

Bother within the madarsas in villages, worry of holding beef


Tension in Uttar Pradesh's Fatehpur district after getting beefImage copywrite
Ravi Srivastava

Due to getting beef in Uttar Pradesh's Fatehpur district, some people attacked a madrasa, broke it and set it on fire. After the administration and police arrived at the spot, the situation was displaced but the tension in the village remains still.

In Fatehpur district, there was an outcry among the villagers after getting a sack full of meat near a pond on Tuesday in Behta village of Banski tehsil. The people of the village smashed and fired in the madarsas. Seeing the people of two communities came face to face and became a situation of tension in the area.

As soon as the information was received, Fatehpur district magistrate and police superintendent arrived there with police force and tried to overcome the situation. Police Superintendent Ramesh said that a case has been filed against two people in the case of Gokshi and soon the culprits will be arrested.

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Image copywrite
Ravi Srivastava


It is being told that one day in the village, there was reported news of allegedly beefing up, gossiping and doing illegal trade.

The villagers gave their information to the police, but no action was taken that day. The next day when the remains and livestock residues and meat were found in the pond, the villagers raged.

Fatehpur district collector Sanjeev Kumar Singh also confirms this. In a conversation with the BBC, he said, "The news of the objectionable meat was laid one day before, the meat was also recovered and sampling was sent for investigation. Only then will it be known that it was beef or something else. On the second day in which a madrasa has been destroyed, the culprits will be identified and arrested. "

At the same time, the villagers say that the beef was also found inside the madarsa so the anger of the villagers increased, but the police did not confirm this.

At present, more than 60 unknown people have been sued for inciting violence. Police are interrogating many people in custody but no arrests have been made so far.

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Image copywrite
Ravi Srivastava

Dumb mouth

The people of the village are not ready to tell anything at the moment but they are saying all the things on the condition of anonymity. Some people are telling the incident to say that there is no such incident till date, even if there is no shortage of people to tell that Gokshi has been working here for quite some time in police information.

A resident of the village said on condition of anonymity, "On Monday, the beef and bones were found near the pond behind the madrasa, on that day the people of the village were also upset but the local police arrived at the spot. The matter was suppressed in the pit. The matter became so big that the next day, ie on Tuesday, again there was a great amount of flesh and bones, Has received growing angry. "

At the same time, Maulana Aziz Ullah Khan, the madrassa's director, said that the crowd had broken through the lock in the madrasa and the people broke all the things kept there. According to Aziz Ullah Kha, he ran away from his life in great difficulty.

Meanwhile, a large number of police forces have been deployed in view of the tension. PAC has also been deployed. Many people in the village are being called fugitives due to the fear of arrest.

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