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Walmart के हाथ लगी बड़ी Lottery!| Biz Tak – jj

Walmart के हाथ लगी बड़ी Lottery!| Biz Tak

When Walmart Inc. paid $16 billion for control of India’s e-commerce pioneer Flipkart Online Services Pvt. last year, the American retail giant got a little-noticed digital payments subsidiary as part of the deal. Now the business is emerging as one of the country’s top startups, a surprise benefit for Walmart from its largest-ever acquisition.

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  1. Indian को government की bhim app use करनी चाहिए… ये सब foreign कंपनी हैं

  2. Yaha pe jo chutiye chilla rahe ha ki flipkart ne ku becha ku becha?
    Sab saale chutiye hain!!!
    Amazon ke saamne flipkart ki koi Ukaat nahi thi, Amazon trillion dollar company ha, aur flipkart softbank ke dum par hi chal raha that, agar nahi bikta to ShopClues jaisa ban ke band ho jaata!

  3. Fake news. Phone pe stand nowhere. Just making fool to customers. Now every bank is giving better services then these e payment companies. So there valuation is going down every day. Just wait and watch.

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