World Cup 2019: Ben Stokes has praised throughout for his position in World Cup win of England, could get Knighthood honors | Ben Stokes is praising England for the World Cup, this honor could be discovered.


London: Of England ICC World Cup-2019 Team in wins All-rounder Ben Stokes Had a special contribution. In the final over of the final match, they were Ben Stokes, who kept England in the match and held the innings until the end. Although Stokes' unbeaten innings could not win the team before the super over, the credit goes to his super over and he also scored 8 out of 15 in the super over. They also got the title of player of the match. Now it is discussed that they can get special honor from the British Government.

What is this respect
Britain's Prime Ministerial candidate Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt believe that the hero of the England World Cup winner Ben Stokes can be awarded a Knighthood (Sir's title). Both of them have expressed such a possibility that if they become the Prime Minister in place of both the current Prime Minister Theresa May then the head may join Stokes's name. Both of these answers came in the Rapid Fire Round during the debate organized by 'The Sun' and 'Talk Radio'.

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What did Johnson and Hunt say
Johnson said, "I'll give Dukodoms, whatever happens I will go with the most, the Garter Kings of Arms, yes there is a definitive answer." When asked this question Hunt, he said, "Absolutely." England ultimately defeated New Zealand on the basis of a lot of boundaries in this finals, the World Cup was named after them. Ben Stokes had scored an unbeaten 84 not out in this match for England.

May also compliment the team
The current Prime Minister had met the team on Monday and said, "In the final, cricket was not at its peak level but the game was also at its highest level – courage, character, sports spirit, drama, best qualifications and a little bit Also with luck. " He said, "You are a team of Modern Britain, which is not like any other team in the world. You forced the country to love cricket once more. You inspired many future Morgan and Rashid and Archer. is."

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Stokes asks for apology over overhaul
In the fourth over of England's innings in the last over of the innings, Stokes scored a shot at deep mid-wicket and ran for the purpose of taking two runs, Guptill also immediately bowled towards the wicketkeeper, but with the ball Stokes bat crossed the boundary. Gone. Stokes was unable to see the ball. Still Stokes apologized, but England got six runs, which proved to be crucial in match tie. There is still a dispute on this issue that England were to give six runs here, that was 5 runs.
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