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ZEE Info: How a lot have you learnt about Emoji? | ZEE Info: How a lot have you learnt about Emoji? – jj

ZEE Info: How a lot have you learnt about Emoji? | ZEE Info: How a lot have you learnt about Emoji?


You may also use Emoji everyday. When you react to anything on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter … then you can also use these yellow faces in it. Today, they also have clothing and food items. There are also aircraft and rockets and bomb firecrackers are also there. Sometimes one travels by plane … then he posts an emoticon with an image of the plane on social media. Someone ate in a restaurant … then posted food and drink emoji. I.e. emoji are such emotions that are completely digital.

Emoji is the Japanese word … and the world's first emoji was created in 1999 by Shigtaka Kurta, a Japanese artist. After the year 2010, due to the smartphone, there has been a revolution in the use of emoji.

In 2005, there were only 105 emoji … but in 2015, there were more than 1600 people. Today there are over 3,000 emoji in social media.
(Emoji has now become an integral part of our digital culture) and they are building new languages ​​to communicate.

In the year 2015, Oxford Dictionaries had chosen not to use any word in Word Of The Year … rather emoji. The emoji that Oxford Dictionaries chose … was a yellow face with happiness tears. And even today, it remains the most favorite emoji in the world.

If you look at history you will get a glimpse of emoji in Hieroglyph (Hieroglyph) in ancient Egypt. These are two thousand years old Sign and Symbol Language … which has been engraved in pyramids and other ancient buildings in Egypt.

And today in the modern world, Emoji has taken this place. In the year 2014, the World Emoji Day was celebrated and today it is expanding by adding new characters to it.

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