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Alexa wins the Apple App Retailer as voice management takes over – jj

Alexa wins the Apple App Retailer as voice management takes over


We are all spending more time talking to our computers. This is a changing interaction with machines. Amazon’s meteoric climb up the Apple App Store charts should be all the proof you need that the age of voice is here.

Hey Siri, speak to Alexa

While most of the tech press involved itself in writing endless Amazon Prime day buying lists, Brian Roemmele was watching what was happening in tech.

He realized that lots of the systems sold on Amazon over the last few days were spoken-word systems that work with Amazon’s Alexa app.

To get a sense of how many sold, he watched as App Store downloads of the Alexa app climbed the charts.

Just how far the app advanced is different in different nations, but where I am on an iPad the App Store shows me the Alexa app now sits at Number 16.

To put this into perspective, that’s two places behind the popular but reviled Facebook app and one ahead of the ever-so-widely-used Google Maps app.

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