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Apple's New Peanuts Sequence Snoopy in House Will get a Trailer – jj

Apple's New Peanuts Sequence Snoopy in House Will get a Trailer


Apple’s new Peanuts series Snoopy in Space has released its first trailer. Originally kicking off as a four panel comic strip that appeared in seven newspapers in 1950, Peanuts went on to become a global phenomenon, eventually appearing in 21 different languages, throughout 75 different countries worldwide.

Created by Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts gave rise to numerous lovable characters, which even today – some 69 years later – are instantly recognizable. Charlie Brown, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Pig Pen and of course, the endearing wit of a plain white beagle called Snoopy have all played roles in a multitude of childhoods and adult lives alike. In fact, for some, neither Halloween nor Christmas would be the same without two iconic TV specials – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas. To date there’s only been one feature-length Peanuts movie, 2015’s, The Peanuts Movie, which was a box office hit, and now a new TV series based on the famed comic strip is on its way, courtesy of Apple TV+.

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Although Apple’s new subscription based streaming service has yet to become available to the public, the service has dropped its first trailer for the upcoming Peanuts series, Snoopy in Space. Apple TV+ will launch this fall, as will Snoopy in Space. Despite the trailer being more of a teaser (clocking in at just 55 seconds), the lighthearted, feel good vibe of Peanuts is immediately familiar. Check it out below:

The trailer highlights Snoopy floating through space while acknowledging that 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the first man walking on the moon, and that it’s time for the first dog to do the same. That’s about all that the trailer gives away in terms of plot, but what’s currently known about the TV series is that Snoopy has long been dreaming of traveling to space. When he and his pal Woodstock join the Peanuts gang on a field trip to NASA, the odd duo discover that they’ve been chosen for a special mission into space. Snoopy and Woodstock are then put into training before eventually being launched into space, while Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts crew take a hands on approach in NASA’s mission control booth. Despite Charlie Brown’s lament (heard in the trailer) as to why he just can’t have a normal dog, Snoopy in Space seems like the thrill of a lifetime for all involved.

So far, Apple TV+ has made numerous promises as to what its upcoming service will provide. There’s indeed been a lot of intriguing programming teased, with the creation of a Peanuts TV series being just one enticement for potential subscribers. However, as much as Charlie Brown and friends are a favorite of many, competition in the lucrative streaming market is growing more intense with each passing month, and exactly how long a TV series about Snoopy and Woodstock in space can last is unclear.

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