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Case Killer: Signing a Launch Too Quickly – jj

Case Killer: Signing a Launch Too Quickly

Being involved in an automobile wreck can be devastating. An example: you’re involved in a wreck that’s not your fault. You’re taken by an ambulance to the hospital, you’re in the hospital room and you know you’re going to miss work, you know you’re going to have some medical bills and in walks an insurance adjuster who makes you an offer. It might be something really low, or something on the higher end that sounds reasonable. With bills to pay and worry growing it’s a tempting offer. Be warned you won’t get this money without strings attached.
What happens is the insurance company gives you a release to sign and then they will give you the check. The release is an absolute case killer – it means your case is over. Then you get home receive even more bills and are still treating and realize the settlement you took is much less than what this accident has cost you. If this happens, it’s too late. Once you sign that release and accept that money early on, there is nothing you can do about it; your case is over. Don’t be tempted by early offers; they are in the best interest of the insurance company. To find out what fair compensation is and what your rights are, you need to contact a Texas board certified personal injury attorney.



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