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Christopher Hitchens on Blaise Pascal's wager. – jj

Christopher Hitchens on Blaise Pascal's wager.

Christopher Hitchens challenges Blaise Pascal’s Wager.


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  1. funny out of all his excerpts and spins on answering the question of Pascal's wager, this little vid, by far the least popular and least quality one, has Hitchens answering it in the best way or most favorable way when compared to the other popular vids, thanks for the post

  2. Mr Hitchens forgets that people come to God for many reasons. And He is happy to have us whatever reason we come for, because he loves us.

    To the God who sent his Son to save us, it won't be a problem if someone comes to Him because he doesn't like the alternatives.

  3. This whole story about pascal is a distortion of history used to discredit his larger ideas, this wager was just something haphazardly jotted out in the margins, yet among his great accomplishments sits center stage as the narrative. hitchens is displaying his ignorance.

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