CNA or CMA ? ??‍⚕️? WHATS THE DIFFERENCE ? Which one ought to I do ?

Hey YouTube if you wanna see more videos on my medical assistant experience with the NCCT click the link below , trust me I’m only going to keep it real and tell you the truth on what’s it’s really like !!!


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  1. Just subscribed you! Thanks you so much for made this video!!!
    I’m straggling with CNA or CMA rn I’m try to get in to medical area in here, and now I know what I want to do more clearly after your video! Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow. I live in Cali and I make $19-25hr as a cna depending on the location. If you're a black woman become a nurse, at first I wasn't going to. but as someone who works for registry some places treat you really bad, and it's not worth it

  3. So CMA's don't actually do ultrasounds or X-ray's. Depending on the office like if you work in Ortho most of the time they will have an X-ray tech in the office. Also like I use to work in family medicine and again depending on the office sometimes they might have a lab tech there sometimes not so if they don't you will definitely be drawing blood unless the provider wants to send to the patient out to get the labs draw. Ultrasounds they will send the patient out to imaging. SO I see a lot of comments regarding paying more if double certified and I can't really verify if that's correct because I am double certified in medical assistant and phlebotomy and I was paid the same as someone who wasn't double certified. However I am looking into getting certified as a EKG tech and was wondering if anyone knew about what the average pay was for someone who is certified to be an EKG technician.

  4. I was debating on relinquishing my RMA License because I am going for my CNA license soon (plan is to be an LPN); however, I also have some career opportunities. I guess what I’m over-stressing is the monetarily aspect of it because I don’t drive, yet and it’s hard for me to make it to the Educational sessions for my RMA and impending CNA cEU’s.

    My question is: Can my CEU’s be used for both my RMA (every 3 yrs) and CNA (every 2 yrs)?? ?

  5. im sooo indecisive rn. my school offers MA of CNA program and im planning to be an OB/GYN and don’t know whether i should choose CNA or MA. i’m scared of making the wrong decision

  6. Thank you SO much for making this video. I am in progress of studying to take my CMA test, I graduated almost 3 years ago and I've put the test aside for WAY too long now and I'm excited for this journey ^.^ Also what song is it you used in this video? Love it. Much love to you and subscribed <3

  7. Hello there!! You had some great information but from a CNA stand point, there were some info left out that I thought I should add just in case others are debating between the two titles.

    Firstly, it all depends on what career path you are chasing. For anyone wanting to pursue a nursing title, becoming a CNA is now a requirement (it might vary from states but for NC, it’s a requirement) Some people will get certification as a CNA in order to gain clinical hours for physician assistant school. It’s a easier way to get your foot into a facility as a cna to gain those hours.
    CNAs can work in nursing homes, in home care or hospitals. It’s mainly bedside care. I worked in-home for a pediatric client a month before working at a hospital and from there, I learned additional skills such as using EKG machines, taking out IV sites, collecting samples to send off to the lab (samples that does not involve a needle. Ex. Urine, stool, nasal swab sample) etc.

    For the state test, there are two portions. A written portion which is essentially 70 or so multiple choice questions. The second portion is a skills demonstration. You will have 30 mins to demonstrate 5 skills for a proctor. These skills are particular with steps and emphasize on the order. A person can pass the written exam and fail the skills or vice versa which means the tester will need to pay again to retest whichever portion they failed. Certification expires after 2 yrs IF you did not work as a CNA. If you do work as a CNA, the certification expires 2 yrs from the last date you’ve worked as one.

    As a CNA at the hospital, pay rate is currently $13 start with a $1.15 shift differential. I work nights so rates are $14.15 and additional extra for weekend shifts. Pay may vary from hospitals and states. There is indeed a high demand for CNAs as some are in school to progress into RNs or PAs. If you work at a hospital, it’s typically 3 days a week for full time, with 12 hr shifts.

    I’ve debated between CNA and CMA. Still debating if I should go to school to be a CMA so I could get into a private office focusing on a specialty. ??‍♀️ My goal is to become a RN and possibly further my career to being a PA. HOPEFULLY one day 🙂

  8. ma can u go to community college? or do u have to go to private school?? i’m debating where i should go because i’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about everest etc that they basically take ur money nd give u no job?

  9. CNA interact with resident, client, and patients. CNA work long term care, hospitals, and hospice care. Depending on the city and state you live in determine your pay as CNA. Some hospital hire CMA but mostly hire PCA which are people with both CNA and CMA experience.

  10. You inspire me. Im a senior in High school, and I've wanted to enter the medical field for 6 years now. My grades aren't too shabby. But you've helped me so much decide whether or not I would like to be a CNA or a CMA. Im trying to go through Pima Medical Institute. I just wanted to thank you. I really love your videos. You give me hope and motivation!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Thanks B!

  11. Liked the video. I was conflicted at first but I'm fixing to start a CMA program in a month. I'm excited now. I agree, I want to be more involved with labs since I already have my phlebotomy certificate. One huge difference that sold me is that CNA is only certified through state vs CMA being certified nationally. Thanks again!! 🙂

  12. I used to want to be an OBGYN starting my freshman year of high school then by my sophomore year I switched to business finance and stuck with it all the way til my senior year. Then in the middle of my senior year I was reminiscing about being an OBGYN to my friend cause she was taking medical classes because she want to be one as well. Now I miss wanting to be an OBGYN now that I graduated high school because I stopped taking medical classes after my freshman year and I feel behind. ?

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