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Twine Blood Stem Cell Transfusion Saves 3-12 months-Outdated Baby – jj

Twine Blood Stem Cell Transfusion Saves 3-12 months-Outdated Baby

Diagnosed at birth with aplastic anemia, Titus Chang was saved by a cord blood transplant from his newborn brother. For info about cord blood, go to http://cordblood.com/im/gift/eb/index.asp?id=tube1 and request a free info kit.


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  1. @milothefierceGreat comment!! We need to take the spreading the word torch into our own hands and let as many people know about the ongoing research and possible new treatments for horrible diseases using umbilical cord blood .. Go to the Corcell website and Cord Blood America to read current news on research and for questions…Corcell has live chat and you can ask questions and get them answered right away!

  2. My wife and I wanted to contact someone at Duke for our daughter. She is a preemie (1 year old now), she has a number of complications and delays, we heard alot of promising results from the research being performed at Duke. Unfortunately we did not save her cord blood because of everything that was going on with the early emergency labor. I was hoping that maybe you may have a contact for us at Duke or maybe instruct me on how to start the process…thanks! Say hi to your son!

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