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Therapeutic Music for The Physique & Soul – Enjoyable Music, Meditation Music, Instrumental Music – 2016 – jj

Therapeutic Music for The Physique & Soul – Enjoyable Music, Meditation Music, Instrumental Music – 2016

This 6 Hours Long Deep Healing Instrumental Music helps you to relax your mind & body.This Music is the best for Relaxation, Meditation & Inner Peace.



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  1. This meditation music this meditation program I made it myself and I play this message program whatever thy pleasure. Tell me to do do they have to tell me what to do you shut up I'm quiet I go to the meditation if the other way you have to get out of here or here because the people who go against God I don't want to hear you have to get out of here my dad talking about I made it a bit, leather get out you have to get out I don't want you here because you are in love with that little boy with his neighbor OK get out of my

  2. That's going to try the meditation music just pray only pray and then we going to the concentration that's the second step on the third step is meditation music that is getting close to God directly you Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit you going to reach in the way that I did tell you to do believe me is true getting caught up with them a station with God jul incompletely harmony with God Modo nobody don't talk does fig domain Oklahoman keep people quiet keep you mouth shut up only bless God and Ice to be closed within you need is a person if I take vibration in your body could you please can you do that I'm not going to let you know in all the common okay just do it thank u meditation music

  3. I love this music, the only thing I don't like are the ads. If I'm not yet in a deep sleep it scares the heck out of me. Then it takes a few more hours for me to get to sleep. I wake up in the mornings at 3:20am. It's now 10:00pm so it really does matter for me to just hear the music.

  4. Love the music and will continue to listen for now but trying to relax and fall asleep then being interrupted by ads with gunshots and bombs going off is leading me to search for other forms of uninterrupted peaceful music

  5. … all these negative, bad, worry thoughts keep me awake at night… But your channel always comes through to channel my inner positive thoughts and to bring hope alive so that i may be at peace when ready to ?…

  6. I absolutely love your videos, but I feel as if I would like them more if you put the frequencies in the description, I prefer the 432 Hz to meditate personally. thank you so much!!!namaste❤

  7. yo dude, im going to listen to this but i gotta ask, ive seen a few of your videos say its tuned to 432hz and i was wondering if for instance this video and most or all of your music is tuned to 432hz, and could you please start putting the frequencies you use in the description, i really like your channel, namaste peace and love,

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