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Excessive Courtroom points discover to Azam Khan on Jaya Prada's plea Excessive court docket notices to sp mp Azam Khan and bjp MP sanghamitra maurya – jj

Excessive Courtroom points discover to Azam Khan on Jaya Prada's plea Excessive court docket notices to sp mp Azam Khan and bjp MP sanghamitra maurya



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Updated: Thursday, July 18, 2019, 12:11 (IST)

Prayagraj The High Court has issued a notice against Azam Khan and BJP MP Sanghamitra Maurya on the petition filed by Dharmendra Yadav, who lost the election from Jaya Prada and Badayun who lost the election from Rampur. This petition was filed by SP candidate Dharmendra Yadav against Sanghamitra's election. The hearing on which the High Court issued notice The next hearing of the case will be on August 21 and on this date, the case of Azam Khan will also be heard.

High court notices to sp mp Azam Khan and bjp MP sanghamitra maurya

Azam Khan can increase the difficulties

In the petition filed by Jayprada, Azam Khan is being decided to increase the difficulties. Because on the basis that Azam Khan has been challenged, enough evidence has been handed over to the High Court. The first is that the benefits of the Chancellor of Azam Khan Jawahar University Rampur are in the post and they have contested the Lok Sabha elections, while the benefits were in office. While the constitution clearly states that the elections can not be contested by holding any government benefit. In this case their election can not be considered as constitutional nor should their nomination be valid. The same, the second base is related to religious matters. In which Azam Khan has alleged that he had sought votes on a religious basis. Voters' feelings were provoked and by creating a religious atmosphere, they demanded votes in the name of Hindu Muslims, which was a violation of the code of conduct, and the cancellation of nomination of such voter in the election is constitutional. It has been demanded in the petition that the election of Azam Khan be abrogated on these grounds. On this case, Justice SD Singh is hearing. The next hearing on the petition will be on August 21.

High court notices to sp mp Azam Khan and bjp MP sanghamitra maurya

Sanghamitra too difficult for Maurya

Sangamitra, who contested for the first time from Badayu, was elected MP of MP from Maurya BJP. However, now the Allahabad High Court has started preparing to increase their problems through petition petition. In fact, the leader of the Samajwadi Party and member of Mulayam family Dharmendra Yadav has filed an election petition and told the court that votes on few booths will be reduced. But, when counted, votes have been counted and the votes which were counted more than that have only been given to Sanghamitra Maurya. Dharmendra Yadav has given an affidavit in the court that he had filed an objection for this but his objection was rejected without any solid basis and satisfying him. Dharmendra Yadav has demanded to repeat the counting and cancel Sanghamitra's election. Judge Ramesh Sinha is hearing the case and the next hearing will be held on August 21. Please tell that Sanghamitra Maurya is the daughter of the minister of state of Uttar Pradesh Swami Prasad Maurya.

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