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Excessive Depth Interval Exercise for Overweight Adults XceL Weight Loss and Health – jj

Excessive Depth Interval Exercise for Overweight Adults XceL Weight Loss and Health

Interval training boosts the metabolism and is an excellent training method for the obese. Do you live in or near Walnut Creek, San Ramon or Pleasanton? Do you ever wish you had your own Biggest Loser training program? XceL Weight Loss and Fitness coaches members to make diet, exercise, and life changes to create health and go from being obese to fit.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Issues are all effects of obesity. Interval workouts such as this assist in “resetting” your metabolism and often play a key role in reducing the health effects of obesity.

This workout is a 4 minute interval series with each interval consisting of 4 exercises done for 1 minute. I advise you do 1-5 intervals with a 1 minute rest between each interval.

Please check with you doctor before exercising if you have heart conditions, diabetes, any metabolic disorder or any medical condition.


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  1. Don't do this if you are obese and have never worked out. Do something like D White mentions earlier in these comments. You have to push yourself but first you have to do it in increments and condition your body to push through before you do interval training. Your likelihood of sticking with the exercises grows exponentially this way. Even if it takes you longer to lose weight. Plus look at his form, if he doesn't tear his back to pieces with those bad sit ups every day… What the hell is wrong with this trainer? LOL How much did this guy sustain his workouts? Where is this guy now?

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  7. i hope paul doesnt hurt his back doing squats like that, maybe teaching him good form and doing split squats for him to get better form and balance and even basic strength before going to an intense workout that athletes would struggle with

  8. I once saw a brainless "fitness trainer" put an obese woman on a bosu-thing to do curls. This is just about as stupid as that. No obese person can DO a 4 min round. The BETTER solution for the obese: ROADWORK. First Month Start walking 30 min.5-6 times/week. Month Two: progress to "sprint intervals Just 5-6 times for 30 yards each during the 30 min walk. Month Three: Progress to exercise intervals: walk a minute, do 10 pushups . . . walk a minute, do 10 squats . . . etc.

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