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HOSPITAL MADE MY BABY SICK – Two-year-old has clot in mind and unable to speak – jj

HOSPITAL MADE MY BABY SICK – Two-year-old has clot in mind and unable to speak


After previously giving birth to five healthy babies, Onika Bryan is convinced that the negligence of the nurses at a rural area hospital is the reason her son has a number of medical issues.

Before Zane Mills’ birth, Bryan said that she had a healthy pregnancy, and the ultrasound she did before being admitted in the hospital confirmed this.

She told THE STAR that because her cries for help while admitted in hospital were ignored, her now two-year-old son suffers from developmental issues. He is unable to talk, and if he tries to walk, he falls down. And based on a recent MRI that was done, she said that he has clots in his brain.

Recounting the events that she believes led to her son’s condition, Bryan explained that the nurses induced labour in September 2016 because her due date had passed.

“The Friday they induced labour. They inserted a small tablet in my vagina. Saturday they repeated that process because nothing was happening. I started to feel pain in the afternoon. When I was fully dilated I was taken to the labour ward, and the nurses kept telling me to push. When I push, I don’t feel the baby moving. I was in labour from 8 a.m., and I keep saying to them that nothing was happening, and the nurse keep on a tell me seh mi all right, all I need to do is push,” she said.

Bryan eventually gave birth to her son at 11:36 a.m. after receiving help from a doctor and another nurse.

“The doctor came in and seh: ‘No man, the baby have to come out now’, and she start to help and she a seh: ‘A big baby this man. Mi need someone to do fundal pressure’. The nurse a help me and a push the baby from up top, and the doctor a pull the baby while me a push.


Then mi hear she seh: ‘Hold on. Stop. The baby tie up’, and she pull it out. Then mi start again, and she seh stop because the cord tie twice, and then we start again. When mi baby come out, there was no sound, and mi start cry,” she said.

The 35-year-old mother claims that her baby was blue when she saw him, and he was rushed to the intensive care unit for treatment.

During that time, he suffered a seizure, and since then, Bryan has to bring him to do routine visits at the neurologist, physiotherapist and orthopaedic.

And at only two years old, he has suffered a seizure and a stroke, and he also makes frequent visits to the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Although she is employed as a security guard and the child’s father provides a bit of assistance, Bryan said that caring for her son has been financially draining, especially because she has five other kids.

“I reported the issue to their administration, and the lady there was calling me to check up on me. But in recent times I have not gotten a call, and when I call them, they said she doesn’t work there anymore. But it seems no one wants to take up my case,” she said.

“If a did my fault I would not have a problem. I try my best to ensure that I have healthy babies. They said he should be going to school, but when I take him to daycare, they said that they are not trained to take care of him. So, I have to leave him with my mom, and because of that he is not getting much exposure.”

THE STAR made contact with the public relations team from the North East Regional Health Authority last Thursday, and we were told that they would investigate the matter and update us. However, up to press time, no information was forthcoming.

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