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Karnataka disaster: Legislative meeting suspended with out voting on belief – jj

Karnataka disaster: Legislative meeting suspended with out voting on belief


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Karnataka Assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar

The crisis in Karnataka is still going on. Between the debate on the belief vote, the assembly meeting was postponed without voting on Thursday. It will be discussed again on Friday.

The Congress and Janata Dal Secular Alliance government is in crisis since the resignation of several legislators.

Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar postponed the assembly proceedings till Friday. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy had requested the debate before voting.

BJP said that before the voting, the debate was used by the ruling coalition as a strategy so that voting can be postponed.

A BJP delegation went to meet the governor and the governor had asked the speaker to complete the voting till the evening.

BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa says that he will wait till midnight. The BJP has decided that its MLAs will be performing in the Assembly all night.

When Karnataka Governor Vajubhai instructed the voter to vote, Congress and Janata Dal Secular MLAs protested in the assembly during the debate during the debate. The Congress says that why BJP is approaching the governor without any discussion.

Now the ball speaker Ramesh Kumar is in the lap when he will be casting votes. Many experts believe that the matter can again go to court.

What is the crisis

A total of 16 MLAs of this coalition government have resigned. Of these, 13 are from Congress and three JDSs He had resigned two weeks ago. Along with this, the coalition government had the support of two independent legislators but they also withdrew their support.

Prior to this political crisis, the Congress and JDS government had 118 MLAs in the 224-member assembly. After the support of two independent legislators, 107 BJP MLAs have become MLAs. If the resignation of legislators is approved, the number of legislators will be reduced to 101 by the coalition government and the 13-month-old Kumaraswamy government will come in a minority.

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