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Married to Rock – episode 1 – jj

Married to Rock – episode 1



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  1. Susan mckagans body is fucking perfect. That body looks very well taken care of..and the fact that she has had two kids and not a stretch mark on her is just luck! I hsve had four kids and shit just kinda happens to your body that is not your control…just had to comment how beautiful her figure and height are…that women is a perfect ten.

  2. I think the most shameless, as in immodest, has to be Josie, Steve Stevens wife.
    She is either younger and less mature than the other ones, but she also comes across as a groupie who "got her man", but being extremely insecure by trying to constantly remind him that she's still HOTTER than the groupies out there.
    On one season I was flipping through the TV, and noticed this show and I thought I'd try it out and….it did not disappoint as far as slutty groupies go. The show was about her being jealous because he's constantly on the road and meeting people. She was jealous that he might forget about her, so she comes up with this horribly embarrassing idea of having a wax figure of her made,but this one was to be overtly shocking as it was very intimate.
    She had molds of her body made with wax.
    Since she doesn't mind being nude in front of anybody, the body, face and breasts were not a problem for the guy making it, but she wanted to go further, so the molding mixture for her vagina would have to be done with her naked, legs apart while reclining, and spread around her ass and crack, around the inner thighs and into her vagina as well as the outside in every detail imaginable, while her V is lined with plastic. the guy making this one of a kind human sized and intricate detailed job had never gone this far before, so he excused himself from that part of the job on moral and ethical reasons, so one of her friends, who had made the trip with her volunteered. He explained the entire process in detail,so here she comes with a bucket of the mix and commenced to taking handfuls of it and inserting it right into her friend's vagina,inside as far she could and lining her with it generously throughout, making sure not a single spot was left without, I mean around the walls and even into her anus and in between . The process took about an hour to complete and the man making this love doll had enough material to shape and work with.
    When it was all finished, she shipped it to him at his hotel, and when he opened that shipping crate and took her out, that thing looked like a smooth shiny wax doll with lingerie, an open mouth, an anus, and a vagina. As far as realistic, to me it looked like a regular wax doll with 3 inputs. It was more creepy than anything else. She expected him to have sex with it while on tour.

  3. I used to love The Cult. Actually, I still love The Cult’s music. But this show really made me see what an ugly, cruel narcissist Billy Duffy is. What a bitter, selfish, spiteful, sadistic boy he is.

  4. What did Ezzy expect from a Rocker husband, these women are not exactly Angel's….and he was not protective of his wife at all? "give him some love"? because Rob broke up with his girlfriend? the husband is making excuse's for another man feeling up his dopey wife and kissing her? The fact she let him touch her and kiss her? goes to show women that centre themselves as sex objects, have weak boundaries. Men know it.

  5. I wondered what happened to the bar sluts that were too good for everyone now I know .They are married to guys that fuck around on them , got more plastic installed on them and are even worse people than they used to be . Love duff though

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