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MBMBaM – Jesus' WiiU Insurance coverage – jj

MBMBaM – Jesus' WiiU Insurance coverage

From Episode 133 “Candlenights the IIIrd” Listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me here: http://www.maximumfun.org/shows/my-brother-my-brother-and-me.



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  1. I remember in my family we'd mitigate large gifts, like a console with a unerstanding that I'd only get a few small gifts the next time.
    For example if I got a new console on my birthday, I'd only get one game at Christmas, maybe smaller toys. Basically my birthday and Christmas had a fixed budget per year, if i asked for something large on my birthday they'd take from the Christmas budget to afford that item, and vice versa. The trick being was that I didn't need to understand household budgets, I just needed to understand the end results. Their explanations being that it was too much work for the elvesto make large gifts for both ocasions.

    The real genius is how they weaponized my own selfishness if i asked for something too large: they would say yes(willing to bend their budget behind the scenes) but then I wouldn't be able to get gifts for X holidays ( X being the number of hypothetical budgets they'd have to allocate from)
    That was too torturous for me to handle so I'd back down and ask for something smaller, ensuring I'd still get gifts in the near future.

  2. Given that (according to Griffin on Wonderful) the McElroy parents literally pulled a "Christmas Story" one year and hid their coveted Nintendo 64 as the last gift, maybe these aren't the three best people to ask about managing Christmas disappointment.

  3. "This ridiculous gift" <- The best part about this question is that the asker clearly had no idea that Justin and Griffen actively work in the video games industry as their primary job. It's like walking up to Roger Ebert('s ghost) and saying, "Man, who in their right mind would ever want to watch a movie, right?"

  4. I grew up kinda poor and I always thought each family paid Santa a set amount to get presents the elves couldn't make, so my parents would just be straightforward and say not to get my hopes up for any big console
    Santa only got what he could afford with what we could give him, it worked out pretty well and explained why the rich or well off kids got better presents

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