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Remedy Administration – jj

Remedy Administration

Fundamentals of Nursing, Medication Administration, College of Southern Maryland.


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  1. Make sure that you focus on their faces and names. It is very easy to give 12 pills to the absolute wrong person. There were no adverse reactions. I switched the meds of two residents. They were both fine. I did not sleep for a long time. I really thought that I had just killed two people. I spent a lot of time in the cafeteria and recreation after that. I knew 95 residents, first and last name. Yes, I know that Mr. Vittitoe knows how to use his nebulizer. I am spending time with him while he shows me how cool it is. No one comes to visit this man. Do not let them hoard pills at all. The nice, white, ole lady might have enough Darvocet to not wake up for the next crew. If you are not willing to be personal, I recommend that you realize right now, that you have to. You really can cause a funeral or help it happen, I should say. You have a  chest fulla dope. IS it really the "paper boy" at 3am? Leave them in the entry way. You cannot come in here. You have no reason to do so. Leave the papers. When do your refills come?? Be careful. You will not matter to the gun at that point.

  2. Very well done…but like another comment med aides today have up to what 40 people to give to and altered states where pills have to be crushed, mix with food etc.   too slow of a pace im afraid.  And i have no idea of how to be that thorough and efficient in a timely manner.   She did not address post admin that the md needs to be called and the ointment needs to be addressed.   Also the comment about dig…………. the order is as written and 60 and above give the med.   go the the drug book if insecure.   Dig is best for that heart pump to beat strongly and the caution is below 60.  

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