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Minecraft – How one can Port Ahead a Server (Tutorial) Mac – jj

Minecraft – How one can Port Ahead a Server (Tutorial) Mac

In this video I show you how to port forward your newly made mine craft server using portmap. Steps: 1 – Search “portmap” up on the internet 2 – Click the first link …



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  1. For all those who get "unmapped/incompatible router" you should go to your router's page. Just type in your browser, it's usually, put in your username and password. Password is usually on your router or just check portforward.com for the default ones. Find the tab that says "UPNP". It surely varies from router to router that is why I am not giving instructions on how to find it. Then make sure to enable the UPNP. Now if it is already enabled (Like what happened in my case), simply uncheck it, refresh it, tick/check it again, refresh it.

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