Nadia Murad: US President Donald Trump on Nadia Murad | Trud requested from Yadhi activist Nadia, telling you the past- How did you get Nobel?


  • Nadia meets Trump on Wednesday with a delegation
  • He requested trump to help prevent women from harassment
  • People from Rohingya also met Trump but they also looked unaware of them.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 18, 2019, 10:10 PM IST

Washington US President Donald Trump was unaware of the work of Nobel laureate Nadia Murad on Wednesday. What was the Nobel Prize for Nadia Murad, Trump did not know about it. Nadia met Trump with a delegation in the White House on Wednesday. They requested Trump to help in the prevention of harassment of women in Iraq's Yajidi.

Nadia Murad is one of those thousands of women and girls, who had been kidnapped by militant Islamic State from the Swat Valley of Iraq in 2014. Nadia told Trump how his mother and six brothers were killed by terrorists. They told that three thousand Yajidas are still missing. Trump said – have you won the Nobel Prize? this is incredible. But what was this given to you? Nadia came in here and narrated his whole story.

It's not just about a woman – Murad

Nadia said, "Even after all this, I never gave up. I said this prominently that the Islamic State militants have raped thousands of Yadidi women. They said – please do something. It's not just about a family, it's not a matter of just one family. He requested Trump to appeal to the Iraqi and Kurdish government to create a safe environment so that Yajid could return.

Trump said – ISIS has gone

Trump asked- but ISIS has gone and now it is a Kurdish, or somebody else? Nadia said – I know this area very well. He told how – through the dangerous paths, the Yazidas go to safe places in Germany. Trump has always been criticizing refugees. Nadia was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace last year.

Janpreetinidhi from Rohingya also met Trump but they were also unaware of them. One day before the Trump administration, the army chief of Myanmar and three other officials were banned from traveling to the United States.

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