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Parallel Moments Of The Methods Caitlin & IW Deal with Barry Completely different – jj

Parallel Moments Of The Methods Caitlin & IW Deal with Barry Completely different

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  1. Sorry this is REALLY long……

    I hated the TV WA from the start and Iris' overall character (comic book Iris I love you) Even in season one when she is a side plot (C plot) I still didn't like her because I couldn't relate to her and we had nothing in common, (People like characters because of how much they can relate to them) but as we learned more about Iris she became an awful self entitled bitch. Season 3 was about her, but no one gave a rats ass and we all knew she was going to live. Everyone was fretting about or Frozen Queen, Killer Frost, instead of her and there are some behind the scenes interviews that can prove it. The season 4 crossover was about Barry and Iris' wedding (I had Mick Rory's initial reaction) and was happy when it turned out to be Kara focused. The Iris and Felicity parts were forced as hell and I have no opinion on her (but she breaks comic book canon). But every Iris scene from then on is forced as hell, she even declares herself leader of Team Flash even with having no brain or bron (Theory: Iris doesn't have any brain cells) and everyone except Caitlin is okay with this, and when she expressed it they called her out and made her feel terrible about the changes she was forced to go through in Season 3 along with great development. They left her alone in her time of need for Iris' bullshit. And they even forced Iris to be there for important character development for Caitlin trying to control Killer Frost. In which Iris successfully calms her down (wtf). Iris is less prominent in Season 5 due to Nora needing screen time, which was a breath of fresh air. Iris tried to force Nora to love her and get her on the serious amount of drugs Barry is on to get her to love her after Iris took away Nora's speed. The few interactions Nora had with Caitlin, she was supportive while voicing concern and giving helpful advice as needed. She let Nora have her space and come to her for advice instead of petty advances. Caitlin is the support and Iris is the petty advance. Also Arrow broke cannon with their relationship so why doesn't the Flash. Grant even stated all the WA scenes felt rushed. The acting chemistry between Candice and Grant is basically Anakin Skywalker from the third movie and every other actor, while their romantic chemistry is as good as Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke's on the final Season of Game of Thrones. Grant and Danielle on the other hand have the acting and romantic chemistry of the actors who play the main characters in The Americans (who are married btw). The relationships between the two female characters and Barry mirror the way they act with Nora. Iris is controlling and tries to keep Barry with her and with no one else, she doesn't care about all the people he helps on a daily basis. Caitlin supports him and understands fully what he must do. Even helping him on the field and doctoring wounds of the victims, the members of Team Flash, and even the antagonizing side. Caitlin gives Barry encouragement and opposes his plans only when she rationally sees fit. (As in suggesting instead of forcing) Iris leaves little room for suggestions. Also the shippers contradict the characters well and their relationship with Barry. WA fans (MOST not all) are rash and unwelcome to other ideas. They care less about the plot and more about the fanfiction the show has become. They call Snowbarry fans racist and start fights online for no reason and say horrible things to Danielle unprovoked. Snowbarry fans on the other hand base their liking of the relationship off of sheer chemistry. They care about the plot and though they want to see SnowBarry scenes, would rather invest themselves into the general plot (yes some of us are assholes too) but none want mindless fanfiction like WA fans. We only attack Candice because WA fans attack Danielle. (it's not Candice's fault she plays the shittiest character on television) In season 6 I hope the main plot is focused on ALL the characters and not just WA fanfiction. Maybe get some fun plot lines like what we used to get in Season 1 and 2. Maybe even an episode about a ship war, who knows? And KF's freaking awesome new season 6 outfit we better see alot!

  2. I feel so sad that it will be WA.. They are portrayed as inconsistent to having feelings for each other (I'm looking at you, Iris West) and not on the same book (yes, not even page, book) on every decision they had so far. Barry ALWAYS has to be submissive to her. Why though? Almost everything she says contradicts Barry's plans and morals. It's just sad…
    Cait has proven time and again that even though they were on different sides, on different perspectives, they find a way to balance things out and sometimes even get to a better solution.
    They made one hell of a team.
    Why can't the writers see that?
    Everyone else does, why can't they?
    Also, Barry, what were you saying about being open to possibilities? Hmm..
    Moving on and all that? ?
    You're really going for the woman who blamed you for evrything when you tried to save the world?! Her who was pretty chill about insulting your mother and your "future daughter" being mentored by the man who killed your mother?!
    Wow, bro… ?
    (blabbering like I'm actually talking to the characters.. Hehe)

  3. Caitlin is supportive, understanding, selfless, and rational. She's always on Barry's side (even when he was Savitar, her Killer Frost side was working with him). During the suspicion on Wells, she trusted Barry instead of her boss whom she was working for years. During Jay/Hunter, as soon as she comes to know who he really is, she supports Barry in taking him down.

    Iris? She's everything opposite. Nora working with RF? No probs, that's my girl!

    WA's should check their character's characteristics over her skin color. 5 seasons and no character development. She just proves to be more annoying than ever.

  4. Nice job! It is a little surprising the deleted scene from S1, where Caitlin is walking the food cart and Barry is walking with her. Cait said she wouldn't get over what Thawne did. Caitlin and Barry were both bothered with what Eobard "Harrison Wells" Thawne, breaking the trust they had of their mentor

  5. Honestly this video made me realize that even though Grant said Iris is Barry’s endgame it made me think that Caitlin is the real endgame here because normally plans can change and sooner or later the writers are going to see how rude the WA fans are and I think that’s when we start to get Snowbarry to happen.

  6. Honestly, why can't they divorce and make Barry single? Some people are better that way. Chris Evans makes it work.
    I don't care about iris anymore. I stopped liking her after that time she tried to elope with Barry

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