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"Pay Me Again the Cash You Owe Me" Spell! Cash Magic Spell Manifesting Cash – jj

"Pay Me Again the Cash You Owe Me" Spell! Cash Magic Spell Manifesting Cash

http://spiritofthewitch.com/ “Pay Me Back the Money You Owe Me” Spell! Money Magic Spell Manifesting Money SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: …



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  1. I need your help pls. I loaned £12k to my then boyfriend now ex and now he’s ignoring my calls and messages. I never did him any wrong I was always there for him in times of help but he’s now paying me back with evil. All I want is for him to payback the loan I gave him. Could you help me out please

  2. Good morning, I like your videos a lot. Can I use this towards the IRS. My goodness a lot of people are still waiting for their income taxes believe it or not. It's terrible. If not do you have anything that could help. Thank you.

  3. please give me your words of power I didn't get it all when you were speaking it. I would like to write this down and if you can 4 for some of us you could write the recipe on your blog thank you so much

  4. Hi veronica, thanks for making this video. Well I would like you to write down all the ingredients you said are required and the procedure to follow. I struggle a bit to hear clearly what you are saying. Thanks and God bless

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