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Rory McIlroy Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA – jj

Rory McIlroy Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

Rory McIlroy at the 2009 US PGA Championship practice range at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota – www.iseekgolf.com

Download a HD version here – http://forums.iseekgolf.com/forums/12-golf-talk/topics/34188-rory-mcilroy-golf-swing-2009-us-pga


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  1. this "move" everyone talks about is actually a disc issue in his lower vertebrae. This is why he has decreased the number of tourneys he plays in a row. I give him 10 years and he'll have to retire.

  2. his swing developed a lot since this video was made. he doesnt take the club that far to the inside anymore. there is a video of his old swing on utube u can see how much more upright his backswing was. i think he changed into a more flatter plane following that and now he is in beetween.

  3. @PUArtista Jonny Miller is a dick – and he knows shit! He is always criticising good players. He's one of those pricks who just likes to say outrageous and controversial stuff just to get noticed.

  4. @TheGreenhalgh25 You moron. You are one of about nine hundred thousand people who are utterly incapable of recognising humour so I am forced to spell it out and TELEGRAPH it into the infantile mush that is your head. You complete fucking tool, go away, don't breed, never waste my time again.

  5. A classic example of hit and hope. No wonder it all unravelled for him recently when he shat himself on the back nine. Up until that point he had basically just got lucky.

  6. i was there when he won the dubai desert classic
    it was incredible and on the 18th i thought he was going to do the same thing he did at the mercedes benz open and miss a 2 foot putt to win it but he actually managed to pull it off
    once ha can start playing under pressure he is going to be a force to be reconed with in the majors

  7. FFs too many doctors watching this video and not enough real golf fans who think this guy is totallly class, I watched this boy on the range 1 day, his iron shots to 150 / 175 were all in a raduis of 20 yards around the flag, incredible, your watchin the "new" kid on the block here, he`s more laid back than Monica Lewinski and loves his golf, Tiger / Mickleson know he`s coming!

  8. I agree that it works very well for him, as 2009 was a great season. But in the future it could cause consistency problems, as it has for Sergio Garcia and other similar swings where the body outruns the arms and hands in the downswing.

  9. He keeps his shoulders back way too long when his hips unwind in the downswing. This prevents his arms, hands and club to be lowered by the hips unwinding and therefore he increases knee flex to lower himself in order for the club to contact the ball. He should let his upper torso go along with the unwinding of his hips. Otherwise a very very talented golfer.

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