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Shoulder exercises exercise for large shoulders exercise program – jj

Shoulder exercises exercise for large shoulders exercise program


Shoulder workouts workout for big shoulders workout program gym routine professional Instruction Bodybuilding for beginners, Shoulder workouts for beginners,Shoulder workouts workout for big shoulders professional Instruction – Recent Article says Victor Costa is One of Best Trainers in the World.


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  1. I just did a video showing that the weight is neither in front nor behind. It is actually straight. I understand physiology. Where my head is matters little, it is the posture of my body.
    You might want to warn Victor Martinez as well, I recall we were doing these together a few months before one of the Arnold Classics.
    Peace, Vic

  2. I purchased your coaching mp3's this morning and did the 2 shoulder workouts. WOW! Low weight but amazing burns…my shoulders are worn out! I can see how these workouts are gonna take my body to another level. Thank you!

  3. i've worked out on and off for the last 20 yrs, i did get results when i was young….i've found that the older you get, the more you listen to your body and what it wants and needs-Crazy Concept, I know!! LOL-but in the last year or so, i've been watching your videos and tried to emulate everything you have to say in the gym and can definitely see the difference between old school lifting and your way of lifting weights. A SINCERE THANKS TO YOU VIC FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE, HAPPY LIFTING!!!

  4. So the debate ensues about eating. I am delighted to put up any posts that stirs debate. It is good to have a different perspective from everyone. However, when it comes to eating. The debate as I see it is which is more important eating "right" or training. There is a great understanding between men and women that I believe we can all agree, "garbage in – garbage out". This goes for the mind – and the body. It is not a judgmental statement it simply elementary. Love your body- Peace all,Vic

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