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The AMA requires banning prescription drug promoting – jj

The AMA requires banning prescription drug promoting

To the surprise of many, the American Medical Association is now openly calling for the FDA to ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising, a deceptive marketing channel that was only legalized by the FDA in 1997.

Since then, drug prices have skyrocketed, health care costs have hit the stratosphere, and consumers are asking their doctors for an increasingly bewildering array of high-priced patented chemicals (medications) that, for the most part, don’t even work on most people.

Instead of America’s health getting better, it’s getting WORSE. More people now suffer from not just chronic degenerative disease, but also now the side effects of taking dangerous prescription medications to supposedly treat those diseases.

The result is that America has become the most expensive, corrupted and unethical health care system in the world, where Big Pharma profits drive nearly every regulatory decision and political action.

Now, the AMA says it’s time to stop the insanity of advertising prescription drugs on television, and there’s no doubt the AMA is correct on this point.

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