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The Maintain Regular – Caught Between Stations – jj

The Maintain Regular – Caught Between Stations

Music video by The Hold Steady performing Stuck Between Stations. (C) 2006 Vagrant Records


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  1. Never cared much for 'em. But this song is one of the greatest things created. The best pre-1980 Springsteen song mixed with everthing that made the 'Mats the greatest band ever. Well, almost. The Mats had 4567 songs that were brilliant, of course.

    If you've ever lived yer life in a way that was really bad for your body but good for your living heart n soul you should feel perfectly at home in these lyrics.

  2. Funny is, I was surfing through vids popping up on the right, the Vaccines 10 million views, Interpol 11 million, the Libertines 8 million, and I clicked this one 272.000 views and they are much better then all those bands combined. Gotta love YT and the taste of the masses.

  3. I'm eight years behind. Today was the first time I've heard this band. This is pretty great. Take mid 80s Elvis Costello, preserve him and change his accent to deep American midwestern and voilà. Great great stuff.

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