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Three Thrilling Causes To Worship Apple's Boring iPhone – jj

Three Thrilling Causes To Worship Apple's Boring iPhone


Although Apple is planning a number of revolutionary changes to the iPhone in 2020 (including 5G, a notchless display, and the return of TouchID), there is the small matter of 2019’s update to the iPhone portfolio. With the iPhone making up the lions share of Apple’s revenue, the iOS-powered smartphone needs to have an impact in the market not only for Apple’s immediate bottom line, but also to ensure there is a wide user base to feed the subscription-based services as they come on-line.

Here are three reasons many are getting excited over the upcoming iPhone 11 handsets.

Pedestrians walk past an Apple iPhone advertisement in Hong Kong. (Photo by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


To start with, thanks to the leaked circuit board design, coupled with the knowledge of the physical dimensions of the new handsets, it’s clear that Apple is finally upping the battery capacity. It looks like this year’s iPhones will see a twenty precent increase in capacity. It’s still a shade under the batteries in premier Android handsets, so the iPhone will still lose on in a game of Specification Top Trumps, but expect the new iPhones to comfortably manage the ‘get to the end of the day’ rule of thumb for battery life (with the usual caveat of ‘no gaming and light streaming only)’.

Let’s be clear, Apple’s solution for the physical layout of the multiple camera lenses is far from elegant. Unlike the ‘inline’ approach taken by many competing smartphones, or the symmetrical cluster from the over-eager Nokia 9 PureView, Tim Cook’s team has fudged an off-center square block of lenses and sensors that I have previously compared to an Ikea induction hob cooker.

But it does bring more lenses to the iPhone family, and once you add a case to your iPhone (of course you’re going to protect your $1000 investment, no matter how fashionable it thinks it is) the bump is less of a concern, even if it still looks like a messy cooker top.

Hopefully Apple will be able to match the imaging technology seen in Google’s own camera app for improved detail, low light capabilities, and increased use of time of flight for better post-processing.

Finally there is the A13 chip. Apple designs its own silicon for the iPhone, and the ability to tightly integrate the hardware and the software should never be overlooked. The A13 is going to be manufactured exclusively by TSMC this year, and I would expect the A13 to show performance and efficiency advantages over the 2018 family. Arguably you expect every new smartphone to be faster than the previous phone, but with more demands being placed on smartphones, any extra power is welcome.

Customers browse inside an Apple Inc. store in on January 3, 2019 in Shenzhen, China (Photo by Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images)


Of course there’s one key reason that the majority of the iPhone community will continue to upgrade their smartphones to a new iPhone and that’s iOS. With nobody else allowed to use Apple’s proprietary operating system, if you want a new iOS handset then you have no choice but to stay with Apple.

For many this advantage is a velvet lined prison, for others the ability to stay with iOS and previously purchased applications and services is enough to sell a new iPhone. Apple is making a big play about its services, but with many of them locked to Apple’s own ecosystem the hardware must remain attractive to ensure there is a large enough install base to allow the services to show a significant return.

That means selling iPhones. Will these three advantages be enough? We’ll find out after they are launched in late September.

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