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Tony Robbins Saves A Marriage – eight Minutes – jj

Tony Robbins Saves A Marriage – eight Minutes

www.RMTFilms.com to see the entire film right now. This guy’s marriage was on the rocks, but Tony’s unique coaching method turned his marriage around within …



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  1. If you think your life crashes, remember, there is no such a thing. It’s a new experience that will build you up to your new heights.. if you like my quote, follow me on Twitter for more spiritual, inspirational quotes.. Mariano Guirguis

  2. Tony Robbins is a fraud and a con ,
    his nonsensical and insincere talk are a flimflam.
    he will prey on people under situations of extreme stress
    and just fake the rest.
    is only objective is to sell his "product" and make money.

    Nemo dat quod non habet.

    No one gives what he doesn’t have.

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  4. You couldn’t pay me enough to get married to today’s woman, not enough money on this planet, not into the passive aggressive, dysfunctional, back stabbing, drama filled women of today, ESPECIALLY American women???????-MGTOW

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