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Uber simply launched an Amazon-like function that might assist it money in on millennials' cell … – jj

Uber simply launched an Amazon-like function that might assist it money in on millennials' cell …


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  • Uber has announced a new partnership with Cargo for an in-car shopping experience. 
  • By downloading the app and scanning a QR code during your ride, you’ll unlock deals on everything from AirPods to luxury suitcases and more. 
  • It could help Uber latch on to millennials’ deep love for online shopping, and keep people choosing Uber over competitors. 
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Uber on Wednesday announced a new feature that will let you buy anything from Apple AirPods to luxury suitcases all from the back seat of your ride.

The partnership with new options for spending money — while already spending money on a ride —  is made possible through a new partnership with Cargo, a startup that’s  quietly raised about $35 million for backseat commerce.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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