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What’s Subrogation? – jj

What’s Subrogation?

In almost all personal injury claims where there is health insurance, the word subrogation comes up. What is subrogation? Subrogation is a fancy word for when the health insurance company, which pays out for medical expenses, has the right to get reimbursed out of any personal injury claim. To get this right, they have to have this in the health insurance contract. You have to look at this contract to determine how strong this right to reimbursement is in your health insurance contract. Some are very strong, like if your plan is the federally funded ERISA plan. The right of reimbursement is real and it should not be ignored. So if you receive a letter from one of your health insurance carriers or someone they hire, like Ingenix, it’s something you need to turnover to your personal injury attorney and let them deal with. That’s because at the end of a personal injury claim paying back the health insurance carrier has to be taken into account.



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