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220 volts in automotive – Inverter 12v for 220v – jj

220 volts in automotive – Inverter 12v for 220v

TV in the car? The fridge? The hair dryer? My coffee maker? How can I get this in my car?
Some time ago I thought of installing a UPS in the car, using the 12v present, but had to make a series of adaptations. As I do not like swarms, I passed my idea to a friend and he shared me that there is a device made for this, that is nothing swarms, with total security and great practicality.
I went to the search and found the inverter from 12 volts direct current to 220 volts alternating current, 12vcc to 220vca.
But the doubt remained, does it promise?
I did a test on the cigarette lighter, with a cell phone charger, then with a perfect notebook charger, but when I tested a 500 watt drill he turned the protection off.
Then I understood that when there is a voltage drop, in this case the fall is due to the gauge of the wire being hypodimencionado, small, it "understands" that the battery is lowering in excess and turns off to avoid that the motor is engaged.
So I put the battery claws that came with the product, interesting that the gauge is bigger for the claws, and plugged directly into the battery, wonder, worked perfect without triggering protection once. As my inverter is 1000 watts, I looked for a higher load for the test and of course, I wanted it to be an electric motor to see the reactive power action, it was marvel as you can check in the video, played a 680 watt electro pneumatic drill efficiently and without activating any protection.
On reactive power, it is difficult to explain, but basically all resistive only load is in faze and does not use the reactive power, does not cause return, however the load of a common electric motor needs and returns, so to help I put the link of the encyclopedia so you can create a better image.

I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Josué eu preciso estala um inversor de em uma Fiorino pra funcionar um compressor de de 10 pés qual voltagem o inversor precisa ter prá funciona um compressor de vc pode me explicar melhor chamar no ZAP eu preciso de mais 629 92751302 por gentileza

  2. Conversei com um especialista em eletrica, pois estou comprando um inversor para veiculo, um igual a esse pode ser, fui orientado a não usar o acendedor de cigarro. Fazer um circuito independe com dispositivo de segurança fusível ou sei lá. Me recomendou um auto eletrico. Mas a ideia é otima e gostaria de saber qual a potencia do seu e por onde comprou. Abraço

  3. Boa tarde Amigo,,,,, gostei muito da ideia de como fazer uma tomada pra funcionar no 220,, pra ferramentas,,,,,,,pois o meu carro é a minha Caixa de ferramentas,,,,e preciso muito de uma tomada por perto,,,,,,,valeu,,,,, abraço..

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