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AMA Tune – Phil Ochs – jj

AMA Tune – Phil Ochs

A song about the American Medical Association written and performed by Phil Ochs


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  1. THE AMA is NOT a Union in the ordinary working class sense of the word; they do not advocate for members of an oppressed, otherwise powerless, proletarian underclass; rather, among other things, they are an industry LOBBYING organization. But even in the case of working class unions, Phil Ochs recognized that they can be usurped by corrupt leadership and/or buying into the Capitalist Class "divide & conquer" narrative/strategy — (e.g., in the 1950s & 1960s: White against Black, Men against Women, ad nauseum. For example, see: Phil Ochs, "Links in the Chain".) Industry leaders also use this tactic pitting workers (e.g. coal miners) against environmentalists (e.g., good jobs versus clean environment — even though these workers are most often the primary victims (suffer the greatest damage) due to the industry's poor environmental, as well as their unsafe labor practices and conditions. Further, right-wing politicians foment hatred against "undocumented" and/or migrant workers (e.g. "they're stealing {so-called} American jobs". — You know — the kind no "American" wants (farm workers, etc.) – where the work is grueling, there are no benefits, & they're paid slave wages. See: Phil Ochs "Bracero".) This kind of tactic does NOT apply to the AMA; it primarily represents members of the ruling class. — If anything, it pits its members against each other {ethical doctors vs. industry executives, greedy medical personnel, etc.}.

  2. Thanks for posting Phil Ochs! His father was a doctor. But this is about greed. Check out my tribute to Phil, my Broadside Balladeer playlist here, and my interview with Phil at w w w dot no more songs dot org Vic

  3. Who is decreeing that doctors would get higher pay in this song? The AMA? How? They have no power. The government? That's not free enterprise. That's fascism, and we should be against it, but don't call that free enterprise.

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