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AMLO In Paracho, Michoacán, we assure the continuity of the IMSS Bienestar program. – jj

AMLO In Paracho, Michoacán, we assure the continuity of the IMSS Bienestar program.

In Paracho, Michoacán, we guarantee the continuity of the IMSS Bienestar program that serves the population without social security. We invite the workers of the rural hospital of this municipality to participate in the Fourth Transformation of public life in the country.

We announce the creation of the Health Institute for Wellbeing that will be responsible for four actions:

1. Ensure the supply of medicines and elimination of the basic table. If necessary, we will create a distributor.
2. Procure sufficiency in health personnel. General practitioners, specialists and nurses.
3. Improvement of the facilities, maintenance, modernization and repairs.
4. Regularize the work situation of health workers. In this administration all will have their base and seniority will be respected.

We will make a diagnosis of the doctors we have and how many there should be. Today we inform that we are missing 200 thousand in total. We will start a program to have all the doctors and nurses. We will make agreements with public universities.

We will expand the budget of the universities that teach Medicine to increase their enrollment. We will be respectful of the autonomy of the universities but the corruption and the lack of accountability are over. We will support education, not the cacicazgos that closed the doors of public schools.


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