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Anger of BCCI officers scared on CoA, know what’s the complete cause. Anger over BCCI officers on COA coverage – jj

Anger of BCCI officers scared on CoA, know what’s the complete cause. Anger over BCCI officers on COA coverage


new Delhi: The Governors' Committee (COA) has decided on Thursday that neither the officials nor the CEO will be part of the Cricket Committee meeting from now on. So far, the selection committee had to take the secretary in the loop in his decisions but the COA has decided that it will not be so. Now on the COA decision Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) The anger of the officers has broken.

Talking to IANS, a senior BCCI official said that the CoA is not aware of the rules of the Constitution so far? Will the committee take a year to understand what constituted itself.

What is happening on board
The official said, "The new Constitution of the BCCI has been looked at by the Supreme Court and hence it is necessary that it should be obeyed. It has been almost a year since its registered, but why has it happened this evening for COA? Did he wake them up? Do they not know what's going on in the board? "

Just want to stop it
The official said that if the convention should be followed then the officials should also be allowed to work according to the new rules. The official said, "Do they even allow the officials to work under the new constitution, or they just want to stop them. According to the new constitution, the officials are those who have already been part of the top council, and if the CoA thinks If that is the top council, then the officers appointed by the court can participate in the meeting. "

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'Pick and Suck'
He said, "It is clear that according to the new constitution, officials are barred from working, in such a situation it is to adopt a policy of 'pick and choose' by COA."

Constitution does not assume COA
Another official said, "If you look at other issues, then no action has been taken on the formation of the cricket committee which is responsible for the selection, coaching and team performance. Under the Rule 26 of the new constitution of the BCCI, but it has not been noticed yet. You will see the COA just working on such issues, so the COA itself is not accepting the constitution of the BCCI. "

Will continue to work till the elections
He said, "In the context of the Cricket Advisory Committee (COA), the Supreme Court has given the authority to the COA to discuss the appointment of selectors from the CAC till the election, which clearly means working till the CAC elections. After that, the new CAC will be formed in the AGM and two new selection committees will be elected, but we know what is happening. "

COA decision
The COA has said that the selection committee does not need any secretary or CEO for any kind of selection. Also, the selection committees can call the conveyor meeting and not the secretary. Though the COA has given some exemptions for foreign visits, according to which the responsibility of the meeting will be the responsibility of the administrative manager. The secretary will have the related information related to the meeting so that he can work for the record.

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