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Apple Teases New Peanuts Present with Trailer 'Snoopy in Area' – jj

Apple Teases New Peanuts Present with Trailer 'Snoopy in Area'


Apple TV+ is set to be available this fall with lots of original content. Apple has started releasing trailers, and today we see what the show ‘Snoopy in Space’ will look like.

The trailer, which lasts a full minute coincides with the Apollo 11 landing’s 50th anniversary. The show’s premise reveals lovable character Snoopy dreaming of becoming an astronaut, until it comes true when the Peanuts gang go on a NASA field trip. Snoopy and Woodstock are tasked with a special mission while Charlie Brown and group help with mission control.

DHX Media is the producer of the new Peanuts show, and they’ll be working in a collaboration with Peanuts Worldwide for creating Apple TV+ content.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s newest streaming service featuring new and original Apple TV shows. It’s set to start this fall, though there’s no set monthly price as of the moment.

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