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Disney Pixar's Up -Married Life – Carl & Ellie (HQ) – jj

Disney Pixar's Up -Married Life – Carl & Ellie (HQ)

Una delle più belle scene mai viste…ho pianto io ç_ç sono troppo belli!!! La Canzone è Married Life, di Michael Giacchino.(premio oscar miglior colonna sonora)



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  1. I still cry, but also a funny/sad story of this scene:

    I remember crying as I was walking back home with family after seeing this movie, my mom asked me: “Why was I crying”?
    I told her that my aunt (who at the time wasn’t with her daughter) was gonna die soon because she didn’t have a child…

    Looking back, it shows how connected I was with my family ???

  2. I remember back in the day when i watched this when i was 8 years old. I didn't understood a thing, i didnt realize the baby part at all and some more other things. Today, when i watch this, I basiclly try to not cry…

  3. As the movie teaches us, it isn't about finally reaching your destination, it is about the journey. It is about your memories along the way. It is about who do you spend the time with. "Thanks for the adventure, no go have a new one!"

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