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Dosage Calculations | Nursing Drug Calculations | Oral Medicines Issues Nursing College (Video 3) – jj

Dosage Calculations | Nursing Drug Calculations | Oral Medicines Issues Nursing College (Video 3)

Dosage calculations made incredibly easy for nursing students using dimensional analysis. This video demonstrates how to solve oral medication problems which are typical nursing school drug calculation problems in nursing school.

Free Quiz: https://www.registerednursern.com/dosage-calculations-quiz-oral-medications-for-nursing-students-nurses/

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  1. I am an experienced nurse of 23 years and I love your channel. I refer all of the new grads and nursing students to utilize the resources available. All of your videos are very well done and the quizzes with feedback are amazing. I have even learned somethings as well.

  2. I am SOOOO happy I found your channel! I am taking Dimensional Analysis this semester to hopefully get extra points toward my nursing application for the fall! With your videos, I'm feeling more confident that I can ace this class!! 🙂 One question, I'm working on percent and ratio solutions right now. Would you happen to have any videos on that? (this chapter in my book is, "Parenteral Medication Labels And Dosage Calculation")

  3. I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer for.
    Maybe someone can help me?
    A drug has a strength of 25mg/mL. Write the strength in the form of a ratio, a fraction, and a percentage

  4. i dont hv words to expressed how much u helped me in solving me problem,u video immensely helped me a lot.i am blessed to have u as my online teacher…thank u so much.god bless u..keep doing de good work.u r path for all the nurses.

  5. omg! jst a couple of mins. i can now master dosage calculations :D. thank you so mch !! im taking my NLE this november so im following all ur videos from scratch 😀 … im glad i found all ur vids and still watching them .. learned a lot! with those mnemonics 😀 u r such a big help !! and so pretty also hehehe…

  6. Can you work this problem? It was on the quiz and I am not familiar with meq

    10.) MD writes an order for KCL 40 meq/15 ml 20% oral suspension by mouth daily. Pharmacy dispenses you with 12 oz/30 ml. How many oz will you administer per dose?

  7. I am a LVN in Ca, and I am starting the 3rd semester of the RN program in Feb. I needed some math review and I stumbled upon your channel! It is sooooooo super helpful!!! You explain everything so clearly and the step by step instruction is awesome!! Thank you so very much!!! Keep the videos coming!! I will be using them throughout the nursing program 🙂

  8. I'm a nursing student from Eastern Florida State College. This helped me so much on my finals exam. Thank you so much for your teachings and the video. Your videos helped me a lot to prepare my finals exam. Hopefully you will keep making videos. I just finished my first semester. Please don't stop making videos because this will help me survive nursing school. – Russ

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