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Eliezer Rosa – Secure Harbor Playback – jj

Eliezer Rosa – Secure Harbor Playback

Alone, you are sailing
The sea of ​​life has great surprises
The wind changes, brings sorrows
Hot tears before your eyes
Ask for help, no one hears you
In your groan how much distress
Because the help comes from above
Hear now the voice of salvation
Jesus calls you, come, come
O weary soul come, come
Jesus is the port where the soul can anchor
It calms the tide.
Help you, have faith in him
And your life, if you believe in it, will change
Accept the help that comes from God
Jesus is the way that leads to heaven
If you accept it in the heart
Your request will not be in vain
The storm will soon change.
And the wind in your favor will blow
And the surprises of the sea of ​​life will bear
Accept the call and salvation will come.


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  1. a paz meu irmão,não sei se estas falhas que o play back esta é da gravação ou do quê que é,vc poderia me enviar no meu zap a gravação sem esta falha?
    por gentileza,019-981508699
    ou no email
    se for enviar no email por favor o nome é Regivaldo e não Reginaldo pra não ter confusão
    agradeço desde ja.

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