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Episode 599 Scott Adams: Visitor Steve Hsu of Genomic Prediction, Predicting Illness – jj

Episode 599 Scott Adams: Visitor Steve Hsu of Genomic Prediction, Predicting Illness

Guest Steve Hsu, Cofounder of Genomic Prediction
Using AI and genomic to detect disease
Predictors now exist for about 20 diseases
Soon…DNA tests will be required for health insurance policies
Single payer solution to reduce costs for the afflicted
Breaking the chain of disease within families
Choosing a low-risk embryo to reduce genetic diseases
Downs Syndrome is a CURRENT routine pregnancy test
EVERYBODY is a racist?
“Racist” isn’t quite landing, it’s losing power from overuse
So now…EVERYBODY is Xenophobic!
The “racist” claim has become racist and is losing its power
President Trump has made “The Squad” the face of the Democrats
Now Democrats must embrace or reject them
Antifa bomber got almost NO MSM coverage?
Existing coverage omits that he was Antifa, why?
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  1. Scott, I had the medical DNA test more than five years ago.  There were about 7 diseases that I was at risk of getting.  The risks were greater than the general population.  At least one person in my family generation and the following generations of nieces and nephews has one of those diseases.  I have one of them.  Just because there is a risk does not mean you will get a certain disease.  And getting a specific disease  is not automatically  a life sentence.  Mine has been treated for more than six years and it has remained moderate.  I don't  believe the risks are that important to have the inefficient government run our healthcare system.  That would put us closer to government control of our lives and increase the size and reach of politicians.  I don't think it is worth using the Genomic Prediction.  It would certainly make Mr. Hsu a very rich man.  I don't have a problem with rich men.

  2. I'm fine with single payer as long as the single payer is a corporation and not the government. Everyone gets to vote for board members every two years. Doesn't sound like such a good idea now, does it?

  3. Why do theoretically intelligent folks ultimately get lazy when it comes to the economics of healthcare and insurance 3rd party payer effects?
    If this guy thinks single payer is a price solution he is not that smart after all.,

  4. So what about overpopulation and de- evolution as a result of the eradication of natural selection? In other words if you don't do eugenics everything else is going to make the population weaker and weaker.

  5. I have become very interested in genetic treatments of cancer. I'm looking at an autologous stem cell transplant in my future, and I think it would be really cool to subject the harvested stem cells to a vector that edits out the mutations in the few cancer cells that would be left in the sample — or destroys the cancerous cells.
    And if they can inject enough of the vector into the patient to clean out the cancerous bone marrow cells, so much the better.
    So right now, I guess the trick is to live long enough for the technology to be there.

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